Other Services We Provide

WordPress Support 

We offer high quality technical support for WordPress websites. We resolve all WP problems from error resolution to setup and install and enhancing security. Do do customization, coding and CSS editing. Everything you may require, we can assist with.

WordPress Gurus at your Service: 

• 24/7 Security

Secure Updates

Uptime Monitoring

Speed Optimization

WordPress Plugin fix

Fix WordPress Errors

WordPress Setup & Install

WordPress Theme Customization

Recover Hacked WordPress

Remove Malware From WP site

Secure and Protect Your WordPress Site

WordPress Theme Customization & Design

Choose Between a 1 Time Fix or Ongoing Support

Payment Gateway Integration 

Tahlita Inc. offer Powerful Payment Gateway Integration. Payment Gateways are indispensable components required for any Ecommerce website (online shop). It is an integration used for authorization and lets user complete the payment procedure. It is especially required for those who use credit cards for their transactions.

With Payment Gateway Integration, you are always ready to accept different payment methods.
Each time a consumer buys any type of service or product, the Payment Gateway Integration is an essential. It has all the features concerning the security about the online transactions that consumers are making.
It encrypts powerful features one would ever need with their online marketing websites.
Hand drawing business strategy concepts with chalk

Domain Registration

 Choosing a domain name is a key step to having a successful online presence. Domain names are also known as web addresses, and they represent your online business, project or blog just like your street address represents your physical location.

The following tips will help you choose the right one. 

• Refer to your business

If your business is called Jack Doe Trades, then the name jackdoetrades.co.za is a natural choice. If it’s not available, then you can try other variations like jackdoetrades.com, or jackdoetrades.org.za, or even jackdoetrades.biz.

Keep it short and sweet

The shorter your domain, the easier it is to remember. Abbreviations or half abbreviations like jdtrades.co.za are very popular.

Be unique

Choose a name that represents you or your products. Don’t register an address similar to a competing business or website with the same products or content.

Make it local

Choose a geographical extension that represents where your business is located. For example, .com.au is used for websites in Australia and .co.uk is used for websites in Britain. Each country has its own popular type.

Protect your brand

Register multiple domains and direct them all to your main site to protect your brand. If you have registered .co.za, registering .com as well will stop anyone from using your brand. Make sure your address looks professional and don’t use a bunch of numbers, hyphens and slang words. Remember, this will be part of your email addresses, so you want to look good.

Can’t decide among your options?

There are no limits to how many domains you can register. Many business will register multiple versions and have them all redirect to one website or park them for future projects.

 Let us register your choice for you.

Interactive, Secure, Fillable PDF Forms

Let us do the heavy lifting. Give us your forms and we’ll make them fillable, interactive, secure, e-signable and accessible via PDF and HTML for far less money than you can do it yourself.

Deliver your forms to Tahlita Inc. (PDF or most other formats) via email or upload directly to our website

We build your form to our standard and puts it through a rigorous test cycle

Publish your form – either you can push the PUBLISH button or we’ll do it for you

Use your form anywhere – Your published form is available for use wherever you’ve deployed it (web, apps, software, customer solutions, etc.)

Features & Benefits

Tahlita Inc. saves you time, money and ensures all your forms work the same way.

• Save Training Costs
Instead of training someone on your team how to build forms, our professional team will do it better, faster and cheaper.

Share Your Forms
Online forms are easier to share, send to others and complete. Add your links to an email. Invite users to your website. Include links in your software.

Reliable & Consistent
Every form is built to an exact standard to ensure they work on every device, every time.

Our forms are fillable, interactive, secure, PDF format, e-signable, submitable and more. We make your forms work for you.

•  Customize
Add your company logo to your forms to give users comfort and familiarity when they’re filling out your forms.

Let us design your PDF forms for you!

Translation Services (English/Afrikaans) 

If you are looking for fast quality Afrikaans and/or English translations then Tahlita Inc. is the perfect partner.
We have native Afrikaans and English speaking translators that cover a wide range of industry specializations.
Translation is an important consideration for any business with an international presence, and our main translations are Afrikaans to English, and English to Afrikaans. Our linguists are highly skilled within the translation industry and our systems of in-house testing and validation ensure clients get the highest quality translations.



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