Website Questionnaire

Please feel free to complete the form in English or Afrikaans

A domain is the name of your website (
Email accounts with your domain would be for example,, &, etc.
What’s your primary goal for the site? What do you want most from it? Here are a few examples. Please feel free to write down your own ideas: • Get more inbound leads / quote requests / phone enquiries? • Increase brand awareness? • Educate their audience? • Encourage sales? • Collect email addresses and build a list? • Encourage onsite or social media interaction?
If yes, please email it to
It might be the colours, layout, or features that you like. Please explain what you like about each one.
Do you have photos, video or illustrations that will be a part of the design? If you do, please email it to as we need to see if it will fit into the sizes and if it has enough resolutions. We can assist, at no additional fee, with stock images.
Small companies do not necessarily need logos. We can work around that. Logo designs are charged additionally.
A tagline is like a slogan. For instance, Nike’s tagline is “Just do it”. We need one for your website.
We want to find out whether or not you understand that website maintenance and updates are very important.
This is to give us an idea of the site’s architecture and the scope of work involved.
Your site will be responsive (mobile friendly) 🙂
Examples: Contact, Registration, Newsletter signup, Reservations, Bookings, Reviews, Customer Feedback, etc.
We think sharing is always best 😉
It could be a map, dropbox, payment gateway, etc. If not or you’re uncertain, leave empty.
This is just to give us an idea of how modern or vintage, muscular or feminine the site should be. Select as many as you want.
This is specifically for blog posts
A static page is a fixed home page that navigates you to the rest of the site. A blog post home page will change as you add blog posts. The latest blog post will be on top. You can still navigate to static pages from the blog home page with the menu bar.
Do you require a search option for visitors to type in and search your site? Just like ‘google’, but only on your site.
If yes, please email us on how you would like that implemented as part of your site.
If yes, will you provide us access?
If you do not know the hex / html code of the colours, please provide us with a sample via email ( should you want specific colours.