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We are very excited to let you know that your website has been completed.

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Sign off Terms
  • I understand that additional items/changes to format, structure, flash images, additional pages and any content management/admin controlled pages, etc or sections will require an additional quote once project completion has been approved.
  • I have tested all links, pages and forms to see that everything is working and am satisfied with the outcome.
  • I will or have already written a review about Tahlita Inc.’s services on Facebook
  • I acknowledge that I have submitted all content, media and other additional information as requested by my designer, in order for them to successfully complete my project.
  •  I acknowledge that I am responsible to setup an appointment for half an hour training via Teamviewer with my designer, if my package includes this option, or if I require training to post on my blog or manage my website. 
  • I acknowledge that above mentioned services, support and/or training do not include website maintenance, which may or may not be included in the package I have selected.